Furnace Repair

Cold winters, high energy bills, and noisy furnaces are all signs that you need furnace repair. Your heating system is critical to creating a warm, safe, and inviting home. Living with a broken or malfunctioning furnace can be costly, frustrating, and potentially dangerous.

SMITH HVAC will help take care of your heating system. We proudly serve Utah, where our highly skilled technicians know how to fix any major or minor problems. As your fellow Utah residents, we’ll help you stay comfortable in your home year round. SMITH HVAC will make sure your pilot light doesn’t go out in the middle of the night. Winter or not, your furnace is necessary. Temperatures can dip to record lows, and you’ll never know when it will be too cold to turn up the thermostat. That’s why it’s important to keep your furnace in top shape.

Why Prompt Furnace Repairs Matter

Winters in Utah are harsh, causing your furnace to work hard to deliver the comfort you need. More often than not, minor furnace issues left unfixed can become expensive to repair. Call on our technicians, and they’ll arrive as soon as possible to fix the problem. 

To prevent premature breakdowns and other furnace problems, we offer an Annual Maintenance Program. As a member, you’ll enjoy priority scheduling, exclusive discounts, and more. From tune-ups to routine inspections, we’ll keep your heating and cooling systems running safely and efficiently all year.

Ready to schedule furnace repair in Utah? Call SMITH HVAC 

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

We know it can be easy to forget about routine maintenance. Even when inspecting your furnace, it can be tough to determine if something is wrong. A few signs or common furnace issues that you may need to call our trained technicians to repair your furnace include:

Low Airflow

A lack of airflow can often be resolved by replacing the furnace filter. Old filters can clog your system and make it difficult for air to reach your vents. If replacing the filters doesn’t improve airflow, call Whipple Service Champions for assistance.

Bad or Unusual Smell

The type of smell coming from your furnace can indicate specific issues. It’s typical for a furnace to give off a slight burning smell when it runs for the first time in months. If your furnace produces a gas smell, immediately leave your home and call a furnace expert.

Musty, burnt leaves or other smells could be leaves or moisture trapped in your fresh air intake, exhaust, or furnace. Scheduling a tune-up will ensure your system is operating efficiently and correctly.

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blue wooden door with white concrete wall
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Loud or Unusual Noises

From fans to belts, plenty of moving parts could be jostled around in a furnace. If the blower is working but makes unusual sounds, your furnace may have a loose belt, an unbalanced fan, or other issues that may lead to bigger problems.